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The epitome of a sort of "dark" blues, Henry "Blind Lemon" Jefferson lived a mere 35 years, during which he time he became the quintessential bluesman, conjuring a personal mix of rural and urban blues, decrying the conditions of the sharecroppers and city slumdwellers alike.
He actually got his start playing in brothels and barber shops, where he developed his theatrical vocal lament. Unfortunately this early genius of the blues allegedly met his premature demise by freezing to death in 1929 in America's Windy City.

Got The Blues
Booster Blues
Dry Southern Blues
Black Horse Blues
Corinna Blues
Long Lonesome Blues
Jack ODiamonds Blues
Chock House Blues
Beggin' Back

Old Rounders Blues
Stocking Feet Blues
That Black Snake Moan
Wartime Blues
Broke And Hungry
Shuckin Sugar Blues
Booger Rooger Blues
Rabbit Foot Blues
Bad Luck Blues

BLIND LEMON JEFFERSON I Want To Be Like Jesus In My Heart

Artikelnummer: MK312
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