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One of the great Memphis bluesmen of the 1920s, Furry Lewis was one of the only bluesmen of his generation to achieve widespread fame with the blues revival of the 1960s, after a recording hiatus of nearly three decades. He began his recording career in 1927 (his first session is found here) and his prowess on his instrument, along with his natural flair for storytelling, immediately set apart from so many other struggling young bluesmen. Songs like "John Henry" and "Casey Jones" are some of the greatest blues narratives ever recorded, and have long since become standard blues fare. Although Lewis remained an amazing musician up until the end of his life, even opening for the Rolling Stones during these later years, and appearing on the "Tonight Show", these sides represent his best material, recorded at the end of the roaring twenties, when Lewis was a young man and at the height of his abilities.


Everybody's Blues
Mr Furry's Blues
Sweet Papa Moan
Rock Island Blues
Jelly Roll
Billy Lyons And Stack O'lee
Good Looking Girl Blues

Why Don't You Come Home Blues
Falling Down Blues
Big Chief Blues
Mean Old Bedbug Blues
Furry's Blues
I Will Turn Your Money Green (Take 1)

I Will Turn Your Money Green (Take 2)
Mistreatin' Mama
Dry Land Blues
Cannon Ball Blues
Kassie Jones - pt.1
Kassie Jones - pt.2

Judge Harsh Blues (Take 1)
Judge Harsh Blues (Take 2)
John Henry (The Steel Driving Man) - 1
John Henry (The Steel Driving Man) - 2
Black Gypsy Blues
Creeper's Blues

FURRY LEWIS I Will Turn Your Money Green

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