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Get your new 2017 Blues Artwork Calendar with Free CD! Featuring 23 classic Pre-War Blues songs from such artists as:
Charley Patton, Skip James, Blind Joe Reynolds, Blind Blake, Memphis Minnie, Big Bill Broonzy, Mobile Strugglers, Blind Willie Johnson, Garfield Akers and more!
Super RARE songs by Legendary Blues Artists including two recently discovered tracks by BIG BILL BROONZY!


Track Listings:
January to December artwork

(1) Cottonfield Blues - Part I and Part II - Garfield Akers
(2) How Long How Long Blues - Jed Davenport
(3) I'm Talking About You - Memphis Minnie
(4) Ain't Gonna Lay My 'Ligion Down - Take 2 - Frank Palmes
(5) Lord I'm Discouraged - Charley Patton
(6) Louisiana Glide - Blind Leroy Garnett
(7) Illinois Blues - Skip James
(8) Nehi Blues - Blind Joe Reynolds
(9) I Can't Be Satisfied - Big Bill Johnson (Broonzy)
(10) Mr. Devil Blues - Joe Williams
(11) Fattenin' Frogs - Mobile Strugglers
(12) Let Your Light Shine On Me - Blind Willie Johnson

Bonus tracks (artwork doesn't exist for these songs)

(13) I'll Just Wring My Hands And Cry - Blind Gussie Nesbitt
(14) Motherless Children - Blind Gussie Nesbitt
(15) Bumble Bee - Memphis Minnie
(16) Chain 'Em Down - Blind Leroy Garnett
(17) Outside Woman Blues - Blind Joe Reynolds
(18) Yola My Blues Away - Skip James
(19) I'm Goin' Home - Charley Patton
(20) The Western Blues - Big Bill Johnson (Broonzy) - The Western Kid (Frank Braswell)
(21) Memphis Blues - Mobile Strugglers
(22) Woman Woman Blues - Ishman Bracey
(23) Suit Case Full Of Blue - Ishman Bracey


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