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Get your 2019 Blues Artwork Calendar with Free CD! Featuring 23 classic Pre-War Blues songsIncludes Our Vol. 16 FREE CD: 23 Songs Remastered by the American Epic Sound Restoration Team! Charley Patton, Blind Blake, Memphis Minnie, Blind Blake and many more HAVE NEVER SOUNDED BETTER!


Track Listings:
January to December artwork

(1) Winding Ball Mama - Papa George Lightfoot
(2) Piney Woods Money Mama - Blind Lemon Jefferson
(3) Love Sick Blues - Jim Jackson
(4) Ma Rainey - Memphis Minnie
(5) Too Tight Blues No. 2 - Blind Blake
(6) Jumping On The Hill - Test (Unreleased) - The Beale Street Sheiks
(7) Black Biting Bee Blues - Leola B. Wilson with Blind Blake
(8) Coon Can Blues - Dad Nelson
(9) Ash Tray Blues - Papa Charlie Jackson
(10) Oh Death - Charley Patton
(11) My Grey Pony - Joe Williams
(12) Christians Fight On, Your Time Ain?t Long - Sam Butler

Bonus tracks
(artwork doesn't exist for these songs)

(13) Heaven Is My View - Sam Butler
(14) Snake Hipping Daddy - Papa George Lightfoot
(15) Low Down Mojo Blues - Blind Lemon Jefferson
(16) Walking Blues - Raymond Barrow
(17) Troubled 'Bout My Mother - Charley Patton
(18) Don?t Speak To Me - Lottie Kimbrough
(19) Got The Blues About Rome - Otto Virgial
(20) Seven Year Itch - Otto Virgial
(21) Indian Squaw Blues - Freezone
(22) I?m A Roamin' Gambler - William Harris
(23) I Was Born In The Country, Raised In Town - William Harris


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