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Limited edition of 300 copies on pink vinyl with white splatter. Elvis' third, and possibly most famous film. However, the album released in conjunction with the film did not include the actual music from the movie, but instead re-recorded versions and extraneous tunes.
Found here is the music from the actual film, including multiple versions of the legendary titular track, as well as incredible alternate versions of such classic tracks as 'Treat Me Nice' and 'Don't Leave Me Now'.


Jailhouse Rock
Treat Me Nice
I Want To Be Free
Don't Leave Me Now
Young And Beautiful
Baby I Don't Care
Jailhouse Rock (Movie Version 1)
Jailhouse Rock (Movie Version 2)
Young And Beautiful (Movie Version 1)
Young And Beautiful (Movie Version 2)

Don't Leave Me Now (Movie Version 1)
Don't Leave Me Now (Movie Version 2)
I Want To Be Free (Movie Version)
Treat Me Nice (Movie Version)
Young And Beautiful (Version 3)
Young And Beautiful (Spliced Take)
Young And Beautiful (Take 19)
Baby I Don't Care (Remix)
Jailhouse Rock (Remix #1)
Jailhouse Rock (Remix #2)
One More Day (Mickey Shaughnessy)

ELVIS PRESLEY - Jailhouse Rock - The Alternate Album

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