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Repress in gatefold cover. Killer 1989 debut album from Detroit's legendary GORIES. Like John Lee Hooker meets The Cramps. KILLER!

Their raw-as-fuck, recorded-in-a steel-shed debut LP!
"En route to the Mississippi Delta, this Detroit trio must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque: the Gories' harum-scarum version of punk, blues and rockabilly ia as beat-up and dented as a roadside wreck."
(New York Times)

"Howlin' Wolf and the Sonics were kind enough to tutor this trio while John Lee Hooker threw rocks through the window and Zakary Thaks wrecked the family car.
Feedback lion-taming at its best."


I Think I've Had It
Charm Bag
Boogie Chillun
I'll Go
Hidden Charms

Sovereignty Flight
You'll Be Mine
You Done Got Wrong
Sister Ann
Give Me Love
Let Me Hear The Choir Sing

GORIES - House Rockin'

Artikelnummer: CRYPT-LP-041
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