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Hailing from the Southern California surf music scene, Jason Lee And The R.I.P. Tides are back with their sophomore album on Dionysus Records. Expanding their roster of world renowned events, this jet-setting crew composed powerhouse instrumental music and go-go girls has traveled the globe in recent years. They have been spreading their unique brand of crowd rousing surf to sultry orchestra arrangements.
Deeply rooted in an eccentric scene where the tiki cocktails flow and music conjures up fantasies of exotic lands,'Monsters And Mai-Tais' will take you on a journey with Jason and his expanded line up.
Be prepared for one wild ride!


Goon Beach
Calypso Thunder
Mr. Moai's Mash
Swami's Stomp
Open Seas

Fright Factory
Hollywood Slime
Del Mar Is Dead
Funeral Waltz (Pt. II)
Medusa's Clam Shack
Pain Killer

JASON LEE AND THE R.I.P. TIDES - Monsters And Mai-Tais

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