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One of the earliest figures in American music, Charley Patton is not only often credited with being the father of the Delta Blues, but perhaps equally importantly was one of the first true "rock stars" of American music. Not that he played rock music (according to musicologist Robert Palmer, he played "deep blues, white hillbilly songs, nineteenth-century ballads, and other varieties of black and white country dance music"), but he acted like a modern rock star: flashy clothes, flashy stage performances, virtuoso guitar playing, and a "live fast / die young" lifestyle.
The tracks found here feature another giant of the Delta blues: Willie Brown. Although Willie Brown was an accomplished vocalist and his guitar playing was second to none, Brown was perhaps best known as a sideman (and for his seminal "Make Me A Pallet On The Floor"), accompanying Robert Johnson, Son House and, as heard here, Charley Patton. He appeared on many of Patton's sessions recorded between 1930-1934 and his amazing guitar playing can be heard here on "Moon Going Down", "Some Summer Day", as well as on his own "Dry Well Blues". Much of the material recorded here was recorded in 1934 in NYC, just months before his death.
"Hang It On The Wall" and "Poor Me", recorded in February, were the last songs he ever recorded.
Previously released on Monk Records ONLY in the limited box.

Some Summer Day
Bird Nest Bound
Dry Well Blues
Moon Going Down
High Sheriff Blues
Stone Pony Blues

Jersey Bull Blues
Hang It On The Wall
34 Blues
Love My Stuff
Poor Me
Revenue Man Blues


Kopie von CHARLEY PATTON Electrically Recorded - Moon Going Down

Artikelnummer: MK311
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