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This 24-track collection of historic Delta blues recordings kick off with Son House's earliest recorded material. These seven tracks were recorded by House for Paramount in Grafton, WI in 1930 and are keystone recordings in the history of American music. They include the original rare versions of "Walkin' Blues" (later made famous by Robert Johnson) and "Death Letter Blues" (here called "My Black Mama Part II"), covered by Jack White of the White Stripes.

The remaining 17 tracks on this album are a chance for listeners to hear some lesser known Delta bluesmen, all contemporaries of Son House. While these men are perhaps not quite the genius that House was-with perhaps the exception of Willie Brown who often played with House (just check out "Future Blues" if you need convincing)-these lesser known artists are still all top drawer Delta bluesmen that add welcome context to the genre.


1) My Black Mama - Part 1 (Son House)

2) My Black Mama - Part 2 (Son House)

3) Preachin' The Blues - Part 1 (Son House)

4) Preachin' The Blues - Part 2 (Son House)

5) Dry Spell Blues - Part 1 (Son House)

6) Dry Spell Blues - Part 2 (Son House)

7) Walkin' Blues (Son House)

8) Mississippi Jail House Groan (Rube Lacy)

9) Ham Hound Crave (Rube Lacy)

10) Mississippi Bottom Blues (Kid Baley)

11) Rowdy Blues (Kid Baley)

12) M & O Blues (Willie Brown)

13) Future Blues (Willie Brown)

14) Cottonfield Blues - Part 1 (Garfield Akers)

15) Cottonfield Blues - Part 2 (Garfield Akers)

16) Dough Roller Blues (Garfield Akers)

17) Jumpin' And Shoutin' Blues (Garfield Akers)

18) Fare Thee Well Blues (Joe Callicott)

19) Traveling Mama Blue (Joe Callicott)

20) Bedside Blues (Jim Thompkins)

21) Outside Woman Blues (Blind Joe "Willie" Reynolds)

22) Nehi Blues (Blind Joe "Willie" Reynolds)

23) Married Man Blues (Blind Joe "Willie" Reynolds)

24) Third Street Woman Blue (Blind Joe "Willie" Reynolds)


Artikelnummer: MK328
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