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Mineshaft #24: Check out the wonderful Mary Fleener front cover and beautiful back cover by Robert Crumb!
This amazing issue also features a long fascinating letter from R. Crumb!
ALSO "EXCERPTS FROM R. CRUMB'S DREAM DIARY" (dreams in Mineshaft #24 include:
"Dream just before waking up this morning," "Lucid dream in the night at a rock concert," "Dream early this morning," and "Dream of Dog-woman")!
Mineshaft will be serializing Crumb's Dream Diary in issues to come! R. Crumb has recorded many of his dreams faithfully, accurately, and very vividly and this writing is dynamite!
Plus don't miss a comics review of Charles Bukowski's Last Poems by Dennis Eichhorn & Pat Moriarity!!! Sketchbook drawings by Skip Williamson! James G. Mundie's "Cabinet of Curiosities! The Brutalists #2 in "Cheap Thrills"! Bruce Simon on the Death of Newspapers!
Comics by Joseph Remnant! Sophie Crumb! David Collier! Christoph Mueller! Aaron Lange! Ed Piskor and Sarah Sveda's "Grob Schwank"! Art by Robert Armstrong! Simon Deitch! Frank Stack! Spain Rodriguez! B.N. Duncan! Letters from around the world AND MORE!
First printing. 52 pages. A5.
Front cover printed on wonderful French Paper Co. "Pop-Tone Banana Split".
950 copies printed in August, 2009.

MINESHAFT - Issue Number 24

Artikelnummer: MINESHAFT-24
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