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Mineshaft #21: Front cover hand lettered and designed by Robert Crumb, plus five wonderful pages of sketchbook drawings inside! After receiving his contributor copies of this issue, R. Crumb wrote to me in a letter, "You are man of impeccable taste."
Back cover by Christoph Mueller, "My Angel of Sin"! The life of famous Beat underground poet, Diane Di Prima, drawn and written by Mary Fleener (with guest Harvey Pekar)!
Poetry by Diane Di Prima! "Pat and Corky" fiction by J.R. Helton, Zippy the Pinhead and how Bill Griffith got his start!
New artwork by Christoph Mueller (with guest Joe Coleman) and William Crook, Jr.! Jay Lynch & Ed Piskor's story about Lynch and Crumb going to visit Chester Gould! "In Praise of Goth Beauticians" by Andrei Codrescu and illustrated by Aaron Lange!
Plus the long awaited next chapter to the Green Star by editor Everett Rand, also Frank Stack, Bruce Simon, Aaron Lange, letters from around the globe and more!! First printing.
48 pages. A5. Cover printed on beautiful French Paper Co. Speckletone Starch White.
1,350 copies printed in February, 2008

MINESHAFT - Issue Number 21

Artikelnummer: MINESHAFT-21
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