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The debut album finally here! Dead Ming (Dead Elvis), Bald Ming (Sir Bald Diddley), Wild Ming (Marky from Dead Rocks) deliver one hell of a blistering LP. 11 tracks of incredible, shit kicking garage punk, from the killer 'I Lied' which sounds like a '65 lost Texas punk gem to the surf influenced crazed trash of 'Out Of Sight' or their take on the uber classic Los Saicos 'Demolicion' ('Decapitation'). All killer, absolutely no filler! Not a paisley shirt or pointy boot in sight!
This one is limited to 500 copies.


Up In Smoke
Heavy Water
I Lied
Mondo A Go Go
Change Your Mind

Do The Ming!
Flash In The Pan
Out Of Sight
Hand Of Ming

MINGS - The Mings

Artikelnummer: TWLP017
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