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The music for Sergio Corbucci's 1964 film 'Minnesota Clay' is one of the holy grails of Italian spaghetti western soundtracks! Original copies, which are almost impossible to find, are sold for more than 1.000 euros! The music has the classic spaghetti western mood and this title is a milestone of the genre. Presented with the original artwork, the music, which is absolutely stunning, was taken from the original analogue master tapes and is carefully restored.
LP-reissue on 140-gram high quality vinyl.


Minnesota Sky
Side Winder
Long Neck
Siddle Sack
Six Gun

Side Two:
Tumble Weed
Quick Trigger
River Bed
Dry Horn
Minnesota Sky
Pony Tail
Side Saddle
Silver Dollar

PIERO PICCIONI - Minnesota Clay

Artikelnummer: C02007LP
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