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PROFESSOR LONGHAIR AND HIS BLUES SCHOLARS, the best and most legendary New Orleans Professor.
Henry Roeland Byrd (a.k.a Professor Longhair) was Born in Bogalusa, Louisiana, on December 19, 1918. The Henry Roeland Byrd story is fundamentally the story of an artist who created his own musical world, constantly refining and elaborating a distinctive personal style. It may have been too idosyncratic to ever capture mainstream popularity during Longhair's lifetime, but it was so striking and individual that it ultimately became the definitive standard for New Orleans piano players.

PROFESSOR LONGHAIR simply made some of the most captivating music the world has ever known, music that is virtually unrivaled for its pure joyousness. As more people encounter that soothing voice and the sheer verve of his pianistic innovations, they will inevitably be drawn deeper and deeper into the seductive, timeless charms of his music.

Limited Edition repro 45 with the original ATLANTIC recordings from 1953.

PROFESSOR LONGHAIR - In The Night / Tipitina

Artikelnummer: ATLANTIC-1174
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