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Switzerland's BEST NEW GARAGE BEAT BAND. It took them some time, 2012 that is, to record their first proper album, but it was definitely worth the wait. So get on your go-go boots, put that marvellous wax on the turntable and shake your hips to the driving Turn Me On, the frantic Mary Jane, the melodic Shes Gone or Get Out Of My Way and all the other smashing tracks on this record, until you reach the final comedown with the moody, psychedelic "Wake Up". What a trip.
If you go bananas listening to bands like the SHADOWS OF KNIGHT, the ZAKARY THAKS, the BAD SEEDS, the CYNICS and the STAGGERS, this ones for you babe!
Its fab! Its groovy - Its THE ROYAL HANGMEN!


Turn me on
Who's That Man
Get Out Of My Way
You Better Tell That Girl
She's Gone
Pretty Eyes

Irresistible Girl
Someone Else's Fool
Mary Jane
Wake up


Artikelnummer: SCALP198
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