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Cover stories include part 3 of THE MISUNDERSTOOD (with sidetracks into THE DIRTY BLUES BAND and JUICY LUCY), a revelatory interview with ACE KEFFORD of THE MOVE, and an article on Australias WILD CHERRIES.
Fly around the world and visit THE MATADORS from Czechoslovakia, THE SPEAKERS from Colombia, THE CREATURES from Australia, PRUDY from Bratislava and Belgiums PLASTIC BERTRAND. We also have stories on the very early PREHISTORIC PRETTY THINGS, Brian Jones, Mel Lyman, Wild Bill Kennedy & the Twiliters and an interview with Chris Youlden of Savoy Brown. All this plus their massive review section covering hundreds of vinyl and CD reissues, as well as music related books and DVDs.
200 Pages, perfect bound, full-colour glossy cover.
It's another monster 200-page edition!


Artikelnummer: UGLY-THINGS-22
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